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Dove Fresh Fruit Tower - Edible Fruit arrangements £0,00
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Dove Fresh Fruit Tower

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Stunning and eye catching piece to art work which will definatly leave your guests speechless on your very special occasion.

60cm tall tower, Ideal upto 100+ guests.

Tower includes:
Colour theme to be decorated
Pineapple daisies with cantaloupe melon balls
Pineapple stars
Pineapple hearts
Plain succulent strawberries
Cantaloupe melon wedges
Honeydew melon wedges
Orange wedges
Cantaloupe melon balls
Honeydew melon balls
Red/Black grapes
White grapes
2 x white doves on top of the tower.

To place an order please call or contact us via mail.

Skewers are used precaution is advised.

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